Name animal trait of livestock
Nom caractère phénotypique des animaux d'élevage
Definition (EN) ontology of any measurable or observable characteristics of a livestock animal -including fish- and dedicated to the production
Definition (FR) ontologie de toutes caractéristiques mesurables ou observables d'un animal d'élevage - y compris les poissons - et dédiée à la production
Source INRAE
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  • Chicken Present
  • Duck Present
  • Goose Present
  • Quail Present
  • Turkey Present

  • Carp Present
  • Cod Present
  • Salmon Present
  • SeaBass Present
  • SeaBream Present
  • Sole Present
  • Tilapia Present
  • Trout Present
  • ZebraFish Present

  • Cattle Present
  • Goat Present
  • Horse Present
  • Mouse Present
  • Pig Present
  • Rabbit Present
  • Sheep Present